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Hello! I'm new!

I went to see Type O in June I think it was, in Manchester.
It was my first Type O Negative concert and OMG I love them more than ever.
My boyfriend's sister waited behind afterwards and got a hug from Mr Steele <3
I'm so jealous.

I went with my boyfriend, his mum and his 3 sisters and brother. Yes his mum LOVES type o.
I have some pictures in this album on myspace in the Type O Negative album. They were done on my mobile so they're not amazing.

They played the birdy song TOO many times when the roadies were setting up. Then it stopped and went dark so everyone started cheering then it started again.
Finally they walked on to Kazakstan's national anthem from Borat which I found hilarious.
I can't remember exactly what they played but they finished with Black No 1 which was so amazing I almost creamed my pants.

My brother's friend who went to the Manchester gig was going to Graspop in Belgium on the Saturday and saw them again and said that they were better in Manchester but were still amazing.
I can't wait to see them again.

Also I don't know if I can ask this but does anybody know where I can get any Type O Negative LJ icons?
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