Jenevieve (_tiger__lilly_) wrote in blackno1,

He lp!

hey  people, wondering if you can help me out .
a while ago on the type o website they had a few short stories written by one of the guys....does anyone know where i can find them now? i've been looking all over but i forget who wrote them, and it was quite a while back. years ago.
its driving me nuts

thanks ever so much in advance for th help! 

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I believe they were by Kenny, and were on the TON bulletin board:

You may want to try doing a search over there. And you could always send a message to Luna and ask her about it.

Hope that helps!
Try here, Luna posted a direct link a while back.

Excrement! Thanks guys. I thought it was Kenny but it was so long ago, and many brain cells have since I really had no idea.
Muchos appreciatos.