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Live Negativity in Atlanta, GA

Type O Negative @ The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA 5/4/07

The place was packed. People were standing all the way back to the Merch table. The concert started pretty quickly with Blue Of Noon--a local band that I did not care too much for. They played 3 songs. One of their song actually used a horn???? Go figure. I though this was metal. They couldn't leave the stage soon enough.

Next up, farily quickly, was Brand New Sin. Their front man was entergetic and got the crowd somewhat pumped up. I had heard them before (because of TON). I though they would be ok but not that great. They are better live. I was hoping that Peter would make an appearance but he did not. Their set was about 30 minutes long.

Celtic Frost did not appear on stage as quickly. There was some dramatic music playing while we waited, then the band appeared. The crowd went wild! The bass player spoke in what seemed to not be english. I wasn't sure if I was going to like them at that point. I was somewhat surprised. I could not hear the vocals well but the riffs were great at first... It quickly turned into what seemed like one long, long song. It grew tiresome. There were some highlights though. Kenny and Johnny appeared on stage 2 or 3 times. I think that the mix had some to do with the fact that I could not get into the music. Their set was longer, it lasted about an hour.

To my surprise there was no intro music before TON took the stage. The wait was not long either--about 15 minutes. They were playing with us by lighting the boo and suck signs.  The Boys from Brooklyn took the stage and began playing Magical Mystery Tour right away. The sound and lights were awesome. After the song Peter talked for a minute and then played We Hate Everyone. Peter seemed to have some tech issues with his amp--nothing that I noticed though. Peter gave his normal banter. He apologized for the "War of Northern Aggression" that took place around these parts from 1861 to 1865. He's from the South too, South Brooklyn! Peter had to take a rest a few times. He seemed to be in a little pain. None the less they gave an excellent show! At the end of the show Peter thanked the audience and they left.

I managed to get backstage for a little bit. Meeting Peter was surreal. I still don't believe it happened. The pain that plagued Peter during the show was not evident in the slightest, But maybe that was all the Crown he was drinking. He was talking in what seemed to be Russian and making funny nosies. He pulled the stuffing from a hole in the couch he was sitting on and was playing with it. He tried to put it in his ears and up my nose. I got Peter's wine bottle and he auto'd it for me.

I looked for Josh but he was MIA. I met him before the show. He is a sweet heart.

I saw Kenny in the hall. He was feeling NO pain at all. LOL I got his auto but no pic :( He quickly became engrossed in conversation with a guy so I did not bother him further.

In the room across the hall I could hear KISS playing. Johnny was singing to Got To Choose. It was fun to watch. We talked for a few and I got a pic w/ him but I had to go. Security wanted to know if I had a pass. Where were they when I walked up the stairs and right in??? They were nice though.

The drive home was very long (3 hours) but it seemed to pass quickly (I was thinking of the concert). I can't wait til they come around again!!!

Stay Negative!

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