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the worcester show was amazing saturday night! loved the chicken dance. was anyone else there?

i couldn't believe 3 years had past since the last show ...

<3 jade
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Nah, I was at the Providence show though! Didnt they kick some serious ass? The chicken dance was funny, so was the playing of that theme for twenty minutes, what was it, Leave it to Beaver or something?

And I still think that Pete is beautiful, just beautiful...
i was hoping i'd make it to the providence show, but couldn't!!!

i pretty much cried for the first 2 minutes, as usual, when they came out haha.

i still don't know what wine peter drinks. it's been same bottle every time!

i think it was leave it to beaver ahahah!
I was actually hoping I would make it to the Worcester show, but that just didn't happen obviously. This was my first ToN show! I didn't get into them until about a year ago for some reason, and I still don't know why, since I have always listened to that style of music. Oddly enough, I used to listen to Carnivore in high school....

I was just blown away, I have been to entirely too many concerts in my life, and this is the first one I have been excited like that about since I was 16 and saw Motley Crue for the first time.

I wanna say it is Beringer wine, because that is what they bottle looks like, I think you get a close up shot of it on the SftD DVD, gonna have to check that out.

Anyway, I keep listening to Love You To Death over and over and over...And over!
i will have to check out beringer...since i am a wino on weekends haha. at the end of the show he threw the rest of the wine on the audience.

the first ton show is such an experience! hopefully you won't have to wait too too long before they tour again <3
I was at the Worcester and Providence Show.. had a blast got to meet the guys.
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